We thought it would be helpful to everybody to create a resource page with the training programs and personal growth programs that we review and refer to inside of the site and the ones that are most frequently asked about.   We refer to this page often, so we recommend it for your reference and convenience.  Enjoy!


If you don’t look at anything else on this page, these first five are our favorites and the most popular items.   Remember to bookmark this page as a reference.  Most people should find them enlightening.

30 Day Yoga Challenge & Detox Diet Transformation System

Learn the Most Powerful Yoga, Health & Healing Program Online: Hours of Proven Effective Practices Guaranteed.

It takes 21-30 days to rewire your neural synapse in your brain to create a new habit. This system is designed to help you create positive health habits that will dramatically improve the quality of your life on all levels. Whatever you may be dealing with can be healed, transformed and you can break through to the next level. Begin by following this comprehensive system.


8-Hour Yoga Alignment Course with Lesley Fightmaster

Deepen your yoga practice and learn how to practice safely.

This yoga course is focused on proper alignment and meant for students of all levels, from those who have a little yoga experience to those who are teachers. We will cover proper alignment techniques for popular yoga poses and strategies for avoiding injuries in your practice. This course comes with 11 full length sessions with me so you can put to practice immediately what you’ve learned.


Authentic Yoga Experience Series 1 – 3

Immerse Yourself, Learn Yoga Online FROM SCRATCH, into the most authentic Yoga Experience

Learn yoga online with Perumal for personal growth, health, energy optimisation and stress reduction.


Cultivating Patience through Yoga, Meditation and Breathing

Use your time wisely and learn to cultivate patience

This course has two goals. 1. To supply you with a “toolbox” of resources so that you can practice yoga when you are waiting somewhere and use your time wisely! 2. To cultivate patience and improve your state of mind.


Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living

Learn how to take the benefits of yoga off the mat and into your life!

Ultimately, this “Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living“ course is about liberation. Yoga liberates our bodies, our minds and our souls. This Living Yoga course teaches you to anchor that awareness and empowerment into your daily life. There are 7 mini lecture-style talks, and 6 yoga classes–a combination of Hatha and Kundalini yoga. Each yoga class is intended to help you embody what you’ve learned in the lectures. Everything in here is the best of Lindsey Lewis’s yoga teaching and life coaching.



Additional Recommendations

These are our latest recommendations and related programs for you. As you might notice we are true believers in lifetime learning and are constantly searching out additional programs and training. We just love that Udemy site too, as it is rich with learning opportunities.

You may find reviews inside on many of the programs.

Discover Inner Peacefulness Authentic Yoga Hatha in 31 mins

Learn easily how to Detoxify your mind, body & soul to achieve full completeness and enjoy life without stressing NOW!

— Discovery Inner Peacefulness Authentic Yoga Hatha in 31 mins —

Brilliant Yoga

Watch This Short, Shocking Video Presentation And Discover 2 Absurd Metabolism-Boosting Weight Loss Secrets For Decreased Body Fat, A Sexy Rear End, And A Firm Toned Body…

Shapeshifter Yoga

I’m going to tell you about an easy, relaxing, and FUN way to lose the flab, lose the inches, and lose the stress. It can help you finally fit into your “skinny jeans” and get your sexiest body ever!

Not only that, it can help you enjoy non-stop energy, banish tension and anxiety, sleep better than you have in years, soothe everyday aches and pains, and much more.

Yoga For Healing

It’s easy to find yoga, it’s not as easy to find yoga specifically for those on a healing journey. So much of the popular yoga out there emphasizes power, intensity and sculpting.

Yoga for Healing is a holistic practice that addresses the mind, body and the soul. We allow our bodies to build strength gently while working to heal our nervous system and mental space.

Online Yoga Teacher’s Training And Certification Program

This online teacher’s training home study course is comprehensive. No secrets, wisdom or knowledge is withheld. In addition to learning the profound art of yoga, you will also be taught Meditation and Pranayama, as well as the practical wisdom on how to run a successful yoga studio and create a high traffic yoga web site.

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.  Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

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